My Mini Editor! (jjfadd)

 Have fun with this Mini Editor I made. Create a set, have fun!

Get your own Mini Editor from Polyvore

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50 % Sale in Shop

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Drag & Drop

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Beach Villa is OUT! (199 sd)


A ton of free items in StarPlaza

Is this a glitch? Or is stardoll having a giveaway for non-ss? 
CLICK HERE  to get all of the free items in your dressing room.

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The Riviera Collection


New Doll!

To learn more about Shingai Shaniwa, CLICK HERE

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30% more stardollars


Reserve items in starbazaar, finally.

So, what do you all think about the new reserving? I love it. We can trade without worrying about someone else buying the item you're trading. Stardoll has finally invented the invention we've all been waiting for. I am so happy (:


25% Sale Sunny Bunny Kloz

CLICK HERE to go to Sunny Bunny Kloz


The secret behind the strange messages!

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Follow them on Facebook!!

Want a band that's new and exciting? Check The Villa Kids out!
Support them on facebook:
Or if you don't have a facbook, simply visit their  webpage!

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Stardoll Hotbuys

This dress has a quite reasonable price to it. It really is a beautiful dress.

Now, this is a little too over the top (the price).

The price of these shoes are not too high. I think it's just perfect.

I do really like this jacket, but the price is just over the top. There is an even better jacket at the same store for only 7sd.

I really wouldn't pay 20sd for this dress. It's adorable, yes. But just not enough for 20 stardollars. Not even the Voile or Tingeling dresses are this much.

This Tank is sort of LE inspired, I believe so. The price is just too high.

I think most of these Hotbuys items are too pricey.


(1) New Message

    I received a strange message from Stardoll this morning. It has no link attached, and I am unable to click on the photo. Have you also received this message? Maybe it's a sign that a new store will be released soon. Maybe even a Suite Shop, or even a new interior. What do you think?


New! Camera in beauty parlor (HANDS)

What do you guys think about the camera in just the hands section? I really think they should put the camera in the whole beauty parlor.

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Stardoll Glitch

I believe there is a glitch in Bonjour Bizou. They are selling 2 exactly the same belts 1 stardollar difference.


Free outfit, Shirt, and TWO Balloons!!!

If you are not from Turkey, go to:

LOGIN, then paste:

Hit enter, then go to regular suite! Good Luck. !! :)

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Free Earth Day Tree!

If you are from the USA, or uk, you do not have to use a proxy. Just Click HERE.

If you are not from the UK or USA, go to:

Login, then paste:


Free Dog (SS ONLY)

Go to:

Type in the URL Address Box.
LOGIN then paste:

Once Loaded, go to regular suite and it should be there. :)


Free Ice Skates!

Type into the url address box
LOGIN, then paste:

Once finished, go to your regular suite!