100 Free Stardolls

100 free stardollars if you login to stardoll!! This is for everyone. Check out the details.

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New Men's Wear in Starplaza

So what do you think of the new Men's wear? I love it! It is all very modern. I love the Fedoras! They are so realistic!

~ Monday, March 28, 2011 0 comments

New Anna Puustjärvi Dressup

Anna Puustjärvi 

CLICK HERE to view the doll.


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CLICK HERE to go shopping!!


Free Carpet! (SS ONLY)

Login, then paste:

Go to your suite!!

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Free Interior

Login, then paste:

Go to regular suite!


Free Poster!!

First, go to:

Next, type
Login, then paste:

Go to regular suite!!


Free Beach Bag!

Login, then paste:
Good Luck!!


Free Pillow!!

Ok, go to: if you are not from Poland.

Next, type and hit enter,

Login, then paste:

Good Luck!!


Free Dress!!

This is for the US, so be sure to be logged on

You will be redirected, now go to and go to your suite!!


Free Fallen Angel!!!

Next, type
Login, then paste:
Good Luck!!


Tangled Store Now for the U.S.

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Free Pink Clutch/Superstars Only

This clutch is available in Finland, Germany and Poland. If you are from any of these countries click here to go to the contest page, then enter the makeup contest. 

If you are from a different country then you will have to use a German proxy. Go to or 

Paste this in the proxy url bar and hit enter: 

Log into stardoll then change 'view' to 'finish' or paste this: 

Hit enter and wait for the page to load. Exit the proxy. The purse will be in a gift box in front of your closet. 

~ Thursday, March 17, 2011 0 comments

Free Japan T-Shirt

All you have to do to get this shirt is join a contest.
This contest seems to be all over the world, so just CLICK HERE to join.


100 Million Blue Skies Styled Outfits

 100 Million Stardoll Members, living under 100 Million Blue Skies -- it's a whole world of fashion and creativity with this week's Styled Outfits. Growing grander and increasing exponentially every day.  Join us as we countdown -- or rather up  -- to our 100 Millionth member with fashions, furnishings, freebies and much much more.

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New Miss Sixty Collection!

Tune in for a live web chat with Willow Smith!


GLITCH!! SS ONLY! Free RIO dress!

Click the image to get it in your cart!!

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Free Bisou Jacket!!

If you are not from Finland, you will need a manual proxy, sorry. port 80
Login, then paste:

Once that is loaded, go to regular suite. 


~ Thursday, March 3, 2011 0 comments

Free Hannah Montana Items!! (3)

Awesome right?! I like the dress, you get a microphone, dress and a tv.

If you are not from the us, most of us are, go here:

You MUST be logged in, paste:


Free Viole Necklace

If you are not from Poland, go to:

Next, type

Login, then paste:

Once you are finished, go to regular suite :) 


Scammer ALERT!!

So here is the story:

Poelsefisk and my sister (Jjfadd) were trading, shoes for a jacket. 

Poelsefisk told jjfadd she needed to go first so she could know she is a safe trader. Jjfadd didnt think she would be evil enough to scam her. So jjfadd went first, and when it was Poelsefisk's turn, she just got off and blocked jjfadd.

She never wrote back or anything. So, please help us help stardoll keep the star doll environment safe by reporting her so she wont be able to do it again. 

Click on the image below to report her to stardoll. Thank you!!

~ Wednesday, March 2, 2011 0 comments